Understanding Welding Procedure pre-WPS, PQR, WPS and its relevant sections in ASME Section IX

Of course, in the field and shop work welding procedure developments, the pre-WPS, WPS of Welding Procedures, and the PQR record...
Shakil Mohammed
7 min read

Explained: What and How’s of Preheating and Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) of Welds

A well-defined preheating and post weld heat treatment procedure improves the mechanical properties, thereby the weldability of the welding portion. Heating...
Shakil Mohammed
7 min read

Perfecting the ASME Section IX Welder Qualification Test, the Easy Way

Whether you are doing welding at home, workshop or at site for a company, you will need a good  welder. Performance...
Shakil Mohammed
6 min read

The How to Reference Guide on the ASME Section IX Code in 2021

The BPVC Section IX, Welding and Brazing Qualifications, is one of the most widely used ASME Section IX code for welding...
Shakil Mohammed
4 min read

Inspection.Engineer: The Official Site

Welcome! This is Shakil here, author, Inspection.Engineer Before we begin, a small intro on who is this blog for, and what...
Shakil Mohammed
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