Equipment Supports and Piping Supports, Know Your Industrial Power Backbone

Equipment and piping supports are the foundation of industrial systems. This article provides a  detailed overview of some of the most...
Shakil Mohammed
3 min read

Step by Step Quick and Efficient Inspection of Heat Exchangers

Inspection of Heat Exchangers, either online or offline, that is, In-service inspection of Heat Exchangers, or Shop Inspection, or Turnaround Inspection...
Shakil Mohammed
6 min read

Best and Simple – How To? to finding the right types of Gaskets

Choosing the right types of gaskets is easy, if you know how to look for the right one. In this article,...
Shakil Mohammed
4 min read

A Simple Guide to Master Bellows and Expansion Joints, and Why we need them?

The Bellows and Expansion Joints for Piping and Equipment are one of the foremost factors in designing a safe operation of...
Shakil Mohammed
3 min read

Understanding Welding Machines, and Types of Welding Equipment’s Applied for the Welding Process

In this article, we will cover most important aspects of welding machines – the different classification of weld joining process and...
Shakil Mohammed
5 min read