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Welcome! This is Shakil here, author, Inspection.Engineer

Before we begin, a small intro on who is this blog for, and what my intents are for Inspection.Engineer site.


What is the objective of Inspection.Engineer?

Inspection.Engineer is a series of technical blog posts, addressing the Inspection and Engineering Technical aspects. We aim to add hundreds of posts as quick reference and guides for aspiring and working Technical professionals in the Oil and Gas sector.

Who is the contributor of Inspection.Engineer?

Here you’ll find posts written by me, based on my experience. I am Shakil Mohammed, I am a Certified Professional with an Experience of 12 years in Oil and Gas (OAG) Construction, Field and In-service plants..

What is Inspection.Engineer about?

On my blog you can find a variety of articles on oil and gas codes, and inspection. The topics include welding, inspection, international codes, related equipment, and safety.

We will cover the general and practical information, applicable codes and standards, equipment and safety practices, safety devices and procedures..

And, additional topics that are relevant to the oil and gas industry in our upcoming posts. My aim is to make you understand the most important aspects of the Inspection Terminologies and Practices oil and gas industry.

Why Inspection.Engineer was started?

Firstly, there were several questions about technical aspects related to work, where I found limited answers. And no support, during my initial and working experience.

My aim is to convey my thoughts, so that your company complies with industry standards. As a result, thereby understanding the quality assurance procedures. Consequently, the type of inspections that oil and gas welders or inspectors perform, that is very important.

So, through these blog posts, I have tried to help you with most of the information. Many people think mastering oil and gas procedures and inspection practices as being extremely difficult. But rather, it is quite simpler.

Secondly, these posts may help you when performing an inspection of your company’s equipment. Many businesses in the petroleum industry will require you to follow certain safety and inspection procedures.

Most importantly, these articles include having proper procedures, adhering to codes, properly training your employees on safety and inspection procedures, and making sure that you have the necessary equipment for the job.

Wrapping up the Inspection.Engineer Goals

In conclusion, the articles at Inspection.Engineer is aimed to quickly cover the most common and required equipment procedures, and the inspection recommendations.

On the other hand, I will relate to the codes and inspection practices, and what to look for when making decisions. 

Please visit my blogs, and let me know your feedback. Kindly note that, as disclaimer, these information’s are for general reading only. The information presented herein on my posts may not be accurate. References provided may have updated revisions. Hence, please visit the technical documents for correct information.

Thanks again. Please post an email at and we will update your mailbox on our updates!

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